Civic Force Management Team from Japan in Sri Lanka on Monitoring and Evaluation


A team from Civic Force Japan was in Sri Lanka early August to conduct Monitoring and Evaluations on the ongoing projects. The team was impressed and commended the team in Sri Lanka for the efforts in conducting the project effectively. The team was able to visit the northern peninsula where they were able to visit Kayts Island and Thellipalai and meet the recipient of a Rainwater Harvesting System as well as officials in public service. Rainwater harvesting is being conducted in Kayts due to its need for same considering the harsh weather conditions. The beneficiary of the first system to be installed in the region expressed h gratitude for the timely intervention. A visit was also made to the Chamber of Commerce and Industries Yarlpanam which facilitates the district network meetings and capacity building in liaison with the CHA District Office.



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Visiting Resettlement Areas of Mavittapuram, Jaffna   


The team visited newly resettled areas in Mavittapuram, Jaffna where following the the thirty year ethnic conflict, displaced families have begun resettling after the recent release of land formerly occupied by the military.


Cropping up across the dry land are temporary, half-constructed shelters with inoperable wells suffocating from a lengthy dry-spell. These drought conditions have resulted in the resettlement process taking a priority-backseat and water scarcity has become the face of the problem.


Speaking to the people the team from Colombo was able to gauge the priority needs of these people as being water supplication.



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