network baner


Our goal is to encourage as many members of the private sector, service sector, civil society, United Nations, and donor community as possible to join us in a mutual effort to inspire humanitarian efforts. The objective is to make a platform of individuals and organisations that can come together, not just in times of need and disaster, but in an attempt to improve the resilience of the country in general. Several network meetings have already been held in order to encourage the membership of new affiliates.


Network Meetings 

Jaffna                                                                                                Hambantota        

 1st Network Meeting        11th April 2015 1st Network Meeting        04th June 2015
 2nd Network Meeting       16th June 2015            2nd Network Meeting       27th July 2015

 3rd Network Meeting        25th June 2015




 1st Network Meeting        31st July 2014
 2nd Network Meeting       20th August 2014
 3rd Network Meeting        30th September2014
 4th Network Meeting        4th November 2014
 5th Network Meeting



Disaster Responses

           Drought Relief –  2014

          Landslide Response – 2014

          Flood Relief